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Light of Life’s Little Lights run

The film embodies what Light of Life stands for: take good care of yourself, others and the world.
Connections are made when children reach out to each other: can we work together on a better future for all children; may and can every child fulfil its potential?
On 26 October, Jens, Nienke and Natalia will be staffing the Little Lights stall and selling their good luck dolls and angels. The proceeds will be given to the 6 children with a disability at Aamaghar.
5 Little Lights will be holding a range of their own events to help children develop their talents.
Mats and Siem are holding a sponsored run and are already looking for sponsors to help 136 children receive a good education.
Hanne will be making super cool balloons that spread light.
And there are many more great initiatives.
Good examples should always be followed.
Are you going to get involved in a way that suits you and spreads happiness for you, others and the world?
Let’s get together on Friday evening, 26 October to turn the lights on at the ACW athletics ground and be the Light of Life for children who need us.